Dear English speaker,

Here is a short introduction of what we stand for and what we sell. 

A stationery store in Lausanne
L'Ecritoire design is a small store located in the historical neighborhood of Lausanne, just below the cathedral.  We continue a 40-year-old tradition by offering an assortment of writing instruments, notebooks, high quality paper, cards, desk accessories, leather goods, gift items, and more.  

Our customers love to browse through our store to discover our products, whether they are looking for a pen that fits their hand, a notebook that fits in their bag, or whether they want to please a friend.
We are proud to serve each customer, individually and with attention, and to contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the old city.

We also sell a few items on line, but the choice is much, much bigger in our store! 

A family enterprise
L'Ecritoire design is a family enterprise: Daniel Hernandez is the store manager and is the person you will most often meet in the store. His brother-in-law, Winship Herr, works mostly behind the scene, taking care of administration and finances, but he has also learned to run the shop and so from time to time helps or replaces Daniel.  Daniel's nephew and niece Julien and Isabel Herr help on special occasions (for example busy days around Christmas), and with the web site and social media (follow us on Facebook or Instagram)! 

And we can all help you out in English.

The window displays of L'Ecritoire design
The window displays of L'Ecritoire design are taken care of by the painter-draftsman-sculptor Vladimir Carvajal. On some occasions (Christmas, Halloween, etc.), Vladimir designs very special displays. Visit his website to discover his works and his window displays for L'Ecritoire design.

We would be delighted if you came to pay us a visit

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